Hillsborough County neighborhood organizations can tap into Water Wise programs to save water and costs associated with irrigation systems that keep neighborhoods green

The Southwest Florida Water Management District’s WISE program offers reimbursement of up to 50 percent, or a maximum of $20,000, in cost-share grants that improve water use efficiency for qualifying conservation projects managed by homeowner, condominium, or neighborhood associations, including: 

  • WaterSense labeled irrigation controllers 
  • Soil moisture sensors 
  • Separation of mixed irrigation zones 
  • Weather stations for irrigation control 
  • High-efficiency irrigation heads (i.e. rotary nozzles) 
  • Pressure regulating devices 
  • Conversion to micro-irrigation in landscape beds 

Applications are accepted year-round on a first come, first serve basis.

To learn more and how to apply visit the Southwest Florida Water Management District WISE page.

WISE Quick Info Sheet

Last Modified: 4/5/2024, 5:08:50 PM

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