Smoke testing FAQs for Hillsborough County residents

Smoke testing is a safe, efficient and cost-effective method to look for places where breaks and cracks may be allowing rainwater into the sanitary sewer system.

Excessive amounts of stormwater can overburden wastewater treatment plants, which end up unnecessarily processing clear water. That costs money, wastes resources and takes up capacity meant to last for years.

The testing also can reveal areas around a home or building where improper connections to the sewer system are made, as well as identify possible sources of sewer odors.

Smoke Testing FAQs

For more information and to inquire about smoke testing in your neighborhood, please call  at (813) 554-5011, and press 0, weekdays between 7:30 AM and 3:30 PM.

Last Modified: 12/13/2023, 8:56:06 PM

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