Tools for understanding your water bill

Use this legend to understand your bill:

A - This is your Hillsborough County utility account number. Customers sending a payment online without the remittance slip will need to indicate this account number when processing their payment.

B - The due date is the date that your bill is due on, or before.

C - This section breaks down and totals all the service address charges and miscellaneous charges outlined in your utility bill. 

D - This is the total amount due, including past due charges from previous billing cycles, recent payments, and adjustments.

E - This easy-to-read graph provides 13 months of usage history. This information is helpful for conservation purposes, and in alerting you to possible changes in usage.

F - You will find a detachable remittance slip located at the bottom of your utility bill. Detach and return it with your payment.

G - Be sure to check the reverse side of the bill for payment types, payment options, and other relevant information.

Sample bill

Sample water bill
Sample water bill - use the legend above

Service address charges definitions:

  • Customer Service Charge - covers routine customer services like meter reading, account maintenance, and billing.
  • Purchase Water Pass-Thru - charged based on the cost of water purchased by the County from regional supplies.
  • Water Base Charge - covers cost of providing water like personnel and operating, that are not related to the amount of water produced or treated.
  • Water Consumption Charge - cost of producing and treating water, billed per 1,000 gallons of metered water flow.
  • Sewer Base Charge - covers costs for providing wastewater like personnel and operating, that are not related to the amount of wastewater treated and disposed.
  • Sewer Usage Charge - cost of treating and disposing of wastewater, billed per 1,000 gallons of metered flow.

If you have questions about your bill, please call Water Resources Customer Service at (813) 307-1000.

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