This program can help your community improve water quality, wildlife habitat and the appearance of stormwater retention ponds

The program assists you through the initial steps to help you learn how to properly care for your pond for the long-term. There are no fees or costs required to participate in this program.

With our expert guidance your group can get a more attractive, landscaped pond and receive free native pond plants.

Requirements and restrictions


The County must own the pond or it must be privately owned with one or more drainage easements dedicated to Hillsborough County.

Your pond group must submit the Adopt-a-Pond application and do the following:

  • Demonstrate a commitment to fully participate in the program
  • Maintain the pond
  • Include 50 percent of the homeowners around a pond, or four people from two households, whichever is greater


  • No wetland or protected conservation areas are allowed in the program
  • Your pond group can't use Adopt-A-Pond to satisfy permit conditions for the Southwest Florida Water Management District or any other agency

Process for adopting a pond

  1. Identify pond group members
  2. Choose a Pond Group Representative to help coordinate pond activities and represent the pond group
  3. Choose a pond group name
  4. Identify the nearest adjacent address to the pond if it is not the group’s representative’s address
  5. Fill out the Adopt-a-Pond application on the Hillsborough County Water Atlas site
  6. Complete and submit the and a Pollution Prevention Plan at the initial stage of the project
  7. Complete all actions proposed in the approved Pollution Prevention Plan
  8. Attend the Pond Group Kick-off Meeting



For more information email Troy Green with - Sustainable Water or call (813) 744-5671.

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