Convert your existing residential well over to our potable water system

You can convert your existing residential well over to our potable water system, but there are several fees and regulatory requirements you will need to meet first.

Set fees

  • Water capacity fees (by Service Area)
    • North: $1,863
    • South/Central: $2,214
  • 5/8 " meter installation fee
    • $350
    • Your contractor will determine if you need a larger meter
  • One-time account set-up fee
    • $25
  • Residential dual check fee
    • $90
    • Additional on site-backflow requirements may be determined by the County Plumbing Inspector
  • Potable water deposit
    • $90
    • Deposit may be waived with approved credit check

Variable fees

  • Connection from the potable meter to the home
  • Cost to abandon and cap the well (if abandoning the well) in accordance with Department of Health
    (DOH) and Environmental Protection Commission (EPC) requirements
  • Cost of a County and/or Department of Health permit

Things to consider

  • You must pay all connection fees prior to your meter installation
  • Meter installation is typically completed in 10-14 business days
  • You must decide whether or not you are going abandon your well or keep it

How to

  1. Find a licensed plumber
  2. Request a connection contract by calling (813) 272-5977 ext. 13611 or emailing Water Resources when you are ready to connect. The following information is required:
    • Account number or service address if you have current or past service history with the water department
    • Owner / Renter account information
    • Plumbing permit #
    • Daytime contact information
    • Date you anticipate connecting / converting to our water system
  3. Pay all connection fees
  4. Mark proposed location of the meter


Get help

Department: Water Resources
Phone: (813) 272-5977

Last Modified: 12/8/2023, 8:14:09 PM

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