Guide to government services and recreation programs for residents with disabilities

The ADA Office assists anyone who requires reasonable accommodations to access Hillsborough County government programs, services, or activities. People with disabilities can discover activities and programs designed specifically for them. 

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Government services

Public Works

Public Works offers backdoor trash collection service, a free program that helps residents who are physically unable to place their garbage or recycling outside for collection.

Sunshine Line

Sunshine Line provides door-to-door transportation for seniors, low-income residents, and people with disabilities who do not have their own transportation. 

Customer Services & Support

The County provides reasonable accommodations to ensure that residents with disabilities have equal opportunity to enjoy all the County’s services and programs. To request an accommodation, contact: Customer Service & Support (813) 272-5900.

Equal Opportunity Administrator’s Office 

The Equal Opportunity Administrator’s Office can assist with complaints of discrimination by private businesses as well as fair housing complaints.

Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement enforces land and property codes and investigates complaints about possible violations

Affordable Housing

The County partners with several agencies to offer financial assistance to income- and special needs-eligible homeowners for repairs on their owner-occupied homes through the Special Needs Barrier Removal and Rehabilitation Program. 

Recreation programs

Parks & Recreation

At our parks, we host adaptive recreation programs and camps for residents with disabilities such as: 

  • After-school and summer camps, sport clinics, evening activities, special events, special-interest classes, and athletic competitions
  • HC Adaptive Sports provides year-round sports and recreation programs like archery, basketball, cycling, golf, swimming, and more
  • Adaptive recreation offers after-school and summer camps for youth ages 5-22 with disabilities
  • The Bakas Equestrian Center hosts riding lessons for children and adults with disabilities 


Hillsborough County Public Libraries provides accessible services for residents, as well as assistive technologies. 

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