Information on how to convert to county wastewater

There are three types of wastewater lines:

  • Gravity
  • Low Pressure Sewer System (LPSS-mostly in the Ruskin area)
  • Force main

The first step is to determine if your property is adjacent to any one of these lines. You can obtain this information by sending an e-mail request to Water Resources.

Process for converting

Follow these steps when considering converting to our wastewater system:

  • Consider all on-site and off-site costs, permitting, and regulatory requirements prior to connecting to our wastewater system
  • Find a licensed plumber
  • Request a connection contract by calling (813) 272-5977 ext. 13611 or emailing Water Resources when you are ready to connect. You will need the following information:
  • Arrange to hook up electricity to the new LPSS tank - only applies If the connection is to LPSS
  • Pay all connection fees
  • Obtain final inspections from all regulatory agencies (County Plumbing Inspector, DOH, and EPC)
  • Begin wastewater consumption billing

Cost involved

There are several cost and fees involved in a conversion:

  • Connection from the utility’s wastewater clean out to the home
  • Cost to abandon your septic system in accordance with Department of Health (DOH) and/or Environmental Protection Commission (EPC) requirements
  • County permit
    • The utility department requires a plumbing permit to initiate the account
    • For additional information on permitting call (813) 272-5600
  • Public Utilities fees for initiating your connection to the County’s wastewater system:
    • Wastewater Capacity fee per dwelling unit: North: $2,951.00, South/Central: $3,651.00 and ($2,920.80 if LPSS)
    • One-time account set-up fee: $25.00
    • Wastewater deposit - we may waive deposit with approved credit check

Things to consider

  • The installation of your LPSS could take up to 12 weeks to complete
  • You are responsible for keeping your current septic system working until the new LPSS is installed and operating or you’ve connected to the Gravity line
  • If you are attempting to connect a residential home to a Force Main, all connection and grinder package requirements will be provided once Utility staff reviews your request
  • Visit the Don't Flush It! page to find out what items you should never flush to protect our pipes
  • Find Cooking Oil Recycling Effort locations to keep used oil out of the drains
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