Recognizing common symptoms of mental health issues is a major step in helping loved ones prioritize their well-being

Many mental health issues can be identified by several common symptoms, like over or under sleeping and eating, experiencing excessive lows or highs, or withdrawing from family and friends. Being able to identify symptoms that could lead to larger mental health issues is an asset that can help family and friends who are struggling with their mental well-being. Being able to identify those symptoms and knowing how to offer support play a major part in treating underlying issues.

Tampa General Hospital Psychologist Dr. Seema Weinstein discusses the symptoms to pay attention to if you think a person is struggling with their mental health and how best to support them in receiving help.

Make mental health a priority

Hillsborough County's Mindful Mondays teamed up with Tampa General Hospital Dr. Weinstein and Senior Wellness Educator Holly Murphy to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health while helping residents find mental health resources, practice self-care techniques, and improve their overall wellness.

Learn more from Tampa General Hospital's Dr. Weinstein and Holly Murphy in the Make Mental Health a Priority series.

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