Hillsborough County Extension Service highlights the many benefits of outdoor gardening and landscaping

Fresh beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, and carrots. All fresh veggies available at your local grocery store. But why not enjoy the fruits of your own labor by planting the produce yourself? 

Tia Silvasy, with Hillsborough County Extension Service says these types of vegetables are easy to grow and thrive in the Florida climate.

Extension experts say the main vegetable gardening season in Florida runs from September to May. Choose a site near your home that is full sun with access to water. Gardens can be grown in a variety of types of garden beds including in ground, raised bed, grow boxes and grow bags. 

Check out these easy tips for starting your own vegetable garden. 

Extension services aren’t only educational, they can also benefit your mental health and wellness. Staff members say gardening and landscaping provides a sense of purpose, is relaxing, and can help take your mind off life’s everyday stresses. 

Hillsborough County Mindful Mondays 

promotes different ways you can make your mental health a priority, despite having a busy schedule. From chair yoga virtual classes to tips on how to decompress after a long day, Hillsborough County's Mindful Mondays has various interactive resources for you to access no matter what day or time it is. New content updated on a continuing basis. 

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