How everyday self-care can help on the road to success

Whether you spend the 9-5 in an office, at home, or on the road, your mental health shouldn't take a back seat during the workday.

Dr. Carlos Garcia, clinical psychologist and owner of Tampa Counseling and Wellness, says the constant strive for success can cause employee burnout and end up doing more harm than good to their mental health. He encourages everyone to try to find a good balance between their work and personal lives.

While reaching for the next achievement, Dr. Garcia says, people should look back at how far they've come and don't let any failures define them.

Avoiding burnout

To help employees avoid burnout, Dr. Garcia encourages employers to help reduce the stigma surrounding mental health in the workplace. He says simple acts like offering a meditation or yoga class or just a safe space for employees to share their feelings can make a big difference.

Last Modified: 10/2/2023, 7:33:21 PM

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