Simple steps to wind down during the workday

Juggling work, family, and a social life can sometimes feel like a circus act. At times, you may worry it could all come crashing down.

Before letting feelings of stress and anxiety overcome your emotions, Dr. Carlos Garcia, clinical psychologist and owner of Tampa Counseling and Wellness, has three easy steps to help you settle down.

Tips to ease stress

If you start to feel like the workday is too much:

Take a break

Go outside for a quick walk to calm down.

Just breathe

Dr. Garcia says three deep breaths can go a long way. Breathe in calm and patience, and exhale tension.

Confide in a friend

Have a conversation with a close colleague or confidant about what has you overwhelmed. Sometimes a quick chat can help calm you down.

Last Modified: 10/2/2023, 7:51:21 PM

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