Turn your kitchen trash and yard waste into treasure for lawns and gardens

Looking to be more environmentally savvy? Trade your trash can for a compost bin and turn your food scraps into rich, fertile soil. 

Composting of lawn and food waste is an easy way to reduce solid waste by recycling a useful resource. It can also be a fun and physical activity to help your overall wellness. 


The process couldn’t be easier! All it takes is: 

• A 3’ x 3’ x 3’ bin made out of wooden pallets, a metal garbage can, chicken wire or food grade   barrels. 

• Thermometer  

• Particle size:  less than 2-3 inches 

• Food:  carbon and nitrogen (browns and greens) 

• Water:  moist, not soggy 

• Air

Hillsborough County Extension Service offers composting workshops to set you up with the tools and education to succeed and have your own mulch, potting soil, or compost tea in a matter of months. 


Hillsborough County Mindful Mondays 


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