A permit from our Natural Resources unit is required on all site development and subdivision projects prior to beginning any land alteration activities.

This includes any activity which removes vegetation from or changes the topography of the land, but excludes activities undertaken to maintain existing grounds.


Fees vary and will be determined during the application process.

Things to consider

  • This permit is a required part of the overall construction approval package
  • We may hold off on issuing it you have received approval for various other documents or activities, including permits from SFWMD, FFW, Grand Oak Pruning affidavit, a notice of intent letter from the EPA, protective tree barricade inspection affidavits, and/or payment of funds into the tree restoration fund
  • Requesting a Blanket Landscape permit allows us to consolidate the review of land alteration and landscape activities for protected tree and other vegetation on lots during review of the subdivision plan. Once approved, we can issue a single LAL permit which you will use for specified subdivision lots when submitting applications for single-family building permits.
  • You must comply with certain conditions for this permit
    • If you fail to do so, it may result in a violation and/or code enforcement action
  • You must keep protective tree barricades in place throughout the duration of the construction activity

How to

Complete the appropriate application - Fillable* application | Printable application

  1. Request a submittal appointment with the Site & Subdivision team
  2. Ensure that you have all required files labeled with the Folio number and name of the project
    • Files must be in pdf format and contained within a single .zip file. If you need assistance creating a .zip file, a visual guide is available.
    • Files with digital signatures must follow Florida Statues Chapter 668 - Electronic Commerce and Florida Administrative Code for Engineers and Architects
  3. 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment, staff will email you a link to upload your files. A visual guide on creating a zip file and uploading your documents is available.
    • Our intake staff will review your submission and notify you if there are any missing/incorrect items

What's next

  • We will answer any questions you have, review the application packet for completeness, and assign an application review number
  • Within 15 working days of receiving the application, we will issue a permit within 20 working days subject to approval from all reviewing agencies
  • If a Blanket Landscape permit was requested any lots that will require an individual LAL permit will be identified. This occurs when the determination on a tree status (saved or removed), is unknown until the model of home is selected.
    • Blanket Landscape Alteration permits will be issued with the construction plan approval.
    • If any changes are necessary after the Blanket LAL permit is issued, such as Lot/Block number changes, notify us of the changes so the permit can be modified accordingly.
  • If approved, we will send the the permit via email and first class mail
  • If the permit application is not approved, we will send you a letter indicating conditions for resubmittal or reasons for denial of the permit application
  • We may include conditions and safeguards as part of the permit
  • Any person affected by the decision to approve, approve with conditions, or deny a permit may request a Land Use Hearing Officer to review the decision


Get help

Email: naturalresources@hcfl.gov
Phone: (813) 272-5600

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