We require a permit for most open burning, except for small fire pits

Three different agencies, including the Hillsborough County Fire Marshal's office, issue open burning permits depending on the type of open fire.

Non-construction and non-agricultural open burns

The Fire Marshal's office issues free open fire permit for the following:

  • Camp fires
  • Bonfires
  • Ceremonial fires
  • Religious fires

Clearing land for construction or agricultural reasons

These types of permits are issued by outside agencies.

EPC open fire permits

The Environmental Protection Commission (EPC) issues permits for for open burning permits for:

  • Initial land clearing of vegetation
  • Initial land clearing for mineral operations
  • Clearing of rights-of-way for public highways or roads
  • Clearing for flood control and water drainage channels

Florida Forest Services open fire permits

For railroad workers and farmers needing agricultural burning, visit Florida Forest Services burn authorizations or call (863) 940-6701.

No permit needed

No permit is required if you have a small fire pit, like those sold at home improvement or other stores.

Rules for small fire pits

When using a fire pit, you must follow these rules:

  • Burn only clean, dry wood
  • Have the pit a minimum of 25 feet from any structure
  • Only use for keeping warm or cooking


For more information, call the Fire Marshal’s Office at (813) 744-5541.

Last Modified: 2/6/2024, 5:01:25 PM

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