The Capital Improvement Program covers larger long term investments in facilities and infrastructure

These projects address the system needs for improvement, expansion, maintenance, rehabilitation, and renewal.

Examples include the construction of transportation, stormwater, water, wastewater projects, along with buildings like fire stations, libraries and recreation centers. These investments often take years to build, and their costs may be distributed over time.

The interactive resources below are designed to offer the public insight into cost, and timeline information on County projects. Project information is updated monthly. Private developer projects are not included.

If you have questions or comments about a project, submit your inquiry by using the At Your Service portal or through the online Public Comment Form (when available.)

CIP project map viewer

The CIP Project Map Viewer uses Geographic Information System (GIS) technology to display location and information for hundreds of CIP projects in the planning, design, or construction phases. You can search by project type, phase, or location. The user guide is designed to help navigate and perform basic functions within the CIP Project Map Viewer.

Capital improvement plan

The approved Capital Improvement Program document is the County’s financial plan of proposed capital projects, their costs, and timing. This document is updated annually as part of the County’s budget process.

The CIP Project Search tool is a text based system that can be used to search for projects using multiple search options and generate printable project fact sheets.

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