You can apply for an on-site evaluation of a piece of property to make a determination on upland significant wildlife habitat (SWH), essential wildlife habitat (EWH), and the boundaries for that habitat


Verification evaluation: $25
Delineation evaluation: $25

Things to consider

  • A wildlife habitat verification application is unnecessary if:
    • Natural Resources staff confirms the presence of SWH and/or EWH when a parcel of land is being rezoned
    • If a land alteration permit application of any type is submitted
  • SWH is defined as contiguous stands of natural plant communities, which have the potential to support healthy and diverse populations of wildlife
  • EWH is defined as land or water bodies which, through the provision of habitat, are necessary to maintain populations of endangered or threatened species, or species of special concern
  • There are three different types of on-site evaluations:
    • Delineation of upland Significant Wildlife Habitat
      • To identify the boundaries of upland SWH including both mesic (moderately moist) and xeric (dry) plant communities that make up the habitat area
    • Verification of upland Significant Wildlife Habitat
      • To confirm the presence of upland SWH
    • Verification of upland Essential Wildlife Habitat
      • To confirm the presence of EWH
  • SWH is determined by:
    • Making observations regarding the existence, type, size, quality and location of SWH
  • EWH is determined by these criteria:
    • Previously documented animal species on site
    • If we observe listed plant and animal species or find evidence of the listed species or if the habitat itself
    • In combination when off-site lands meet the minimum habitat needs for a viable population of the listed species
  • For all of the evaluations, we will issue you a written determination of our findings

How to

  1. Download the application
  2. Submit your application to
    • For files totaling greater than 25 MB, ensure that you have all required files labeled with the Folio number. Files must be in pdf or jpeg format. Highlight all files to be submitted and compress them into a single .zip file. Please ensure you label this file with the folio number. A visual guide on creating zip file and uploading your documents is available.

Upload zip file

Please note: Your signature certifies your legal responsibilities associated with the submission of your application

What's next

  1. Staff will review the application and arrange for onsite evaluation
  2. Findings will be forwarded to the applicant


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