Identifying how a community will redevelop and recover long-term after a disaster

A Post-Disaster Redevelopment Plan (PDRP) is a requirement of all Florida coastal counties and municipalities, and is encouraged for inland communities. It identifies how a community will redevelop and recover long-term after a disaster.

The plan covers policies, operational strategies, and roles and responsibilities for implementation that will guide decisions that affect long-term recovery and redevelopment of the community after a disaster. The plan emphasizes seizing opportunities for hazard mitigation and community improvement, in line with the goals of the local comprehensive plan and with full participation of the citizens.

Recovery topics

Recovery topics addressed in the plan include: 

  • Business resumption and economic redevelopment
  • Environmental restoration
  • Financial considerations
  • Housing repair and reconstruction
  • Infrastructure restoration and mitigation
  • Short-term recovery actions that affect long-term redevelopment
  • Sustainable land use

The plan also addresses other long-term recovery issues identified by the community.

Hillsborough County as a pilot community

Hillsborough County was chosen by the State as one of five communities to participate in a pilot program through their Post-Disaster Redevelopment Planning Initiative. The plans developed in this process now serve as models for the rest of the State. The Florida Department of Community Affairs and Division of Emergency Management provided technical assistance and planning services funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for the project.

Hillsborough County’s PDRP was officially approved by the County Commission in July 2010, with work continuing on implementing the proposed action items in the PDRP.


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