Fee structure for plan review

Hillsborough County Fire Rescue Office of Emergency Management has implemented a fee structure for the annual submission of the Healthcare Comprehensive Emergency Management Plans (CEMPs). The fee schedule outlined below is based on the allowable guidelines set forth in Florida Administrative Code 27p-20.003 and FS 252. Based on the numerous plans for the assortment of facility types, the fee plan below is based on bed counts and time commitment required to review each of the plans.

Fee proposal based on bed counts:

Facility Bed Count

Submission Attempt


Fee for Review

Under 16 Beds.


Initial review by Office of Emergency Management and approval.




If deficiencies are noted on the 1st submission, the facility must make corrections to their CEMP and resubmit. The 2nd review by the Office of Emergency Management is approved.




If deficiencies are noted on 2nd submission, the Facility must make additional corrections to their CEMP and resubmit a third time. The 3rd review is approved.


* Fee amounts as outlined in F.A.C 27P-20.003

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