Every year we review sidewalk repair needs and determine which projects to work on

Hillsborough County is responsible for maintaining more than 3200 miles of sidewalk. This is approximately the same distance as walking across the Howard Frankland Bridge 1,062 times

Sidewalks separated from the roadway are the preferred accommodation for pedestrians.

Sidewalks provide many benefits including safety, mobility, and healthier communities. In addition to reducing foot travel along roadway crashes, sidewalks reduce other pedestrian crashes, supporting Vision Zero goals.

Sidewalk repair program

The County dispatches units to investigate complaints received from residents; the focus is on asset preservation and safety. County staff annually evaluates, plans, and programs funding for sidewalk replacement and repairs.

How does the County respond to sidewalk condition complaints from residents?

  • Research is conducted to determine if the location has previously been inspected.
  • If the location has not been inspected, staff is dispatched to inspect and identify the issue reported.
  • After the inspection is completed, a repair option is recommended.


Repairs and replacements are prioritized by the age of the request.

While older requests are usually selected first, repairs are generally grouped by proximity.

Repair options

Concrete Grinding: Recommended for sidewalk panels that are raised less than 2 inches.

Sidewalk Replacement: Recommended for sidewalk panels that are raised more than 2 inches. Location will be flagged with reflective tape and added to the sidewalk replacement list.

Did you know? Most common reasons for sidewalk repairs are tree roots growing beneath the surface can cause the sidewalk above to shift and crack.

Annual sidewalk program

The steps taken from identification to work completed.

1. Needs identified

Identified through customer service requests and work orders.

2. Repairs requested

Over 1.7 million linear feet of sidewalk have been requested for future replacement.

3. Prioritization

Grouped by neighborhood and prioritized by order of request. High-risk locations may be accelerated as needed.

4. Repairs worked

Sidewalk grinding is conducted by County staff. Sidewalk replacement is usually conducted by contractors.

Capital Improvement Projects

The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) covers larger, long-term investments in facilities and infrastructure adopted by the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners. These investments often take years to build, and their costs may be distributed over time.

If a sidewalk replacement project is occurring on your road, construction crews will distribute door-hanger fliers on the affected block at least 72 hours in advance of work. The fliers will indicate the specific date(s) and times the work will occur.

Report sidewalk damage

To report any concerns about Hillsborough County-maintained sidewalks view the page for information.

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