Public Works staff routinely evaluates County roads to assess their pavement condition

Hillsborough County is responsible for maintaining more than 7,250 miles of roadway lanes.

This is approximately the same distance from Tampa to Tokyo.

Hillsborough County’s Pavement Management Program is responsible for the preservation of County roads. The program routinely maintains and repairs the County’s 7,250 miles of roadway lanes.

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Pavement preservation program

Public Works staff routinely evaluates County roads to assess their pavement condition. Inspectors look for several specific road distresses, including road settlement, cracking, patching, potholes, and ride quality.

Treatment options

  • Routine Maintenance includes debris removal, street sweeping, and patching.
  • Mill & Overlay: Some cases require replacing up to two inches of the existing asphalt with new asphalt.
  • Full Depth Reconstruction complete removal and replacement of existing pavement surface and base.

Chart showing pavement condition compared to pavement age
Preserving pavement while in good/fair condition is less costly and can extend pavement life.

Future targets

  • 50% of roads in Good condition
  • 30% of roads in Poor condition
  • 0% of roads in Failed condition

Expected outcomes

  • Preserve roadways to extend useful life
  • Improve roadway safety

Annual inspection & prioritization process

27,000+ individual roadway segments are inspected* for deficiencies on a 3-year cycle and assigned a pavement condition index (PCI) score** of 0-100.

The individual roadway segments are grouped into neighborhoods (Local roads) and corridors (Major roads).

  • Local road groups are prioritized in order of condition (PCI score).
  • Major road groups are prioritized by condition and traffic volume.

Data-driven modeling helps the County predict future pavement conditions based on its investment in preservation.

* Inspections are conducted in compliance with Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) Statement 34
**PCI scores are aggregated into a weighted average (by area) for each group.

How does the County respond to road condition inquiries from residents?

  1. County staff investigates concerns and perform immediate patching or repairs as necessary.
  2. If necessary, it will be considered for overlay or reconstruction through the County’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP).
  3. While a roadway is scheduled for improvements, the pavement condition will be monitored and maintained.
  4. CIP resurfacing projects are planned annually and programmed based on annual budget.

Did you know?

The most common reasons for pavement repairs are water intrusion, stress from heavy vehicles, expansion and contraction from seasonal temperature changes, and sun exposure.

The County is responsible for maintaining:

  • Neighborhood Roads (4,680 lane miles) used primarily to access homes and property.
  • Major Roads (2,570 lane miles) carry higher traffic volume across the county.

Download Pavement Management Info (pdf)

Concerns about a Hillsborough County-maintained road can be reported online. View the Report a Traffic Concern for information on how to report issues or concerns.

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