This program can help homeowners with minor sidewalk repairs


This is a joint effort between the County and homeowners to address minor sidewalk repairs. Awarded funds will be paid directly to your chosen repair vendor.

 Applications are open until the funding is expended. All applications and photos must be submitted online. Homeowners can receive funding once every three years.

Program goal

The Sidewalk Repair Partnership Program helps homeowners fix their sidewalks, making our communities safer and more accessible. It also supports the County's existing sidewalk repair efforts.

This program benefits both the County and homeowners by providing funding for sidewalk repairs, while homeowners oversee the projects, from choosing vendors to completing the repairs.

Project types and eligibility criteria

We welcome sidewalk repair projects that meet the following types and criteria. Examples of each type can be found on the cover page of the Program Guidelines.

Project Type

Eligibility Criteria

Trip hazards

Raised sidewalks of more than ¼” offset between panels.


Splintered and cracked sidewalks with gaps or offsets of more than ¼” between panels.

Root lifts

Sidewalk inclines/declines of more than 3” and/or containing offsets of more than ¼” between panels.


Sunken sidewalks actively pooling more than ½” of water after rainfall/irrigation.


New sidewalk installation to fill gaps of up to 20’ between existing sidewalks.


  • You must live in unincorporated Hillsborough County to apply
  • You can only request funding for sidewalk repair projects within your property boundaries
  • Sidewalks must be along County-maintained roads


We provide awards for smaller-scale sidewalk issues, typically involving 1-4 sidewalk panels. If you are submitting a larger repair project, you need to understand the following:

  • The program funds cover either the quoted repair cost or a maximum of $1,500, whichever is less
  • You aren't required to match funds or provide in-kind services, but if repair costs exceed $1,500, you are responsible for the difference

Program procedures and key dates

  • Application open: March 1, 2024
  • Application deadline: June 30 or until program funds run out
  • Program acceptance:  We will notify you that we have accepted your application if you meet the Project Types and Eligibility Criteria listed above
  • Submit program documents: The following documents are due within 30 days of program acceptance:
    • Signed Letter of Understanding
    • Right-of-Way (ROW) Use permit
    • Chosen vendor quote
  • Notice to proceed: Once we receive and review the above documents, the program manager will send a Notice to Proceed confirming the chosen vendor, project scope, and guaranteed program award
  • Project work: After receiving the Notice to Proceed, you can schedule sidewalk repairs with the vendor, obtain photographs, and compile closure documents
  • Payment to vendor: The program manager will pay the vendor directly after receiving and reviewing the closure documents

How to apply

Apply online

Guidelines and resources

Get help

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