Resources for obtaining a tree removal permit in Hillsborough County

To remove a tree from a residential or non-residential property in unincorporated Hillsborough County, you may need a permit.
To determine if a tree requires a permit prior to removal, view our Residential Tree Removal Guide.


  • Application fee: $81.65
  • For parcels over 5 acres:  $24.93 per acre additional fee


  • Affidavit Review - A Certified Arborist is not required. Using one eliminates the need for us to do a field inspection. This means we will issue the application result in 5 days. If you are using a certified arborist, make sure to include the following items:
    • ISA Certified Arborist or ASCA Consulting Arborist Affidavit
    • Tree condition evaluation (Required for Oaks 34” DBH or larger seeking to use the expedited review)
    • This is not allowed for Grand Oaks
  • Authorized agent consent (if applicable) – This is used when someone else is applying for the homeowner. For example, if a tree service is applying for the landowner, this form would need to be signed by the owner
  • Site plan drawing to scale – This shows us the property lines, any buildings, and where the existing trees are on site. The trees that are seeking to be removed can be “X” out
  • Photographs of trees in question (optional, but highly recommended
  • If the tree has caused damage that you have fixed prior to applying, providing any repair receipts can help us verify that the tree is causing damage

Things to consider

  • Most frequently asked questions are answered within our Residential Tree Removal Guide
  • Tree permits are issued for trees that are either unhealthy (diseased, structurally damaged, etc. ) or that are causing damage to property that cannot be resolved another way (i.e. root pruning)
  • Multiple trees can be removed on the same tree removal permit. If you desire to clear the area, the correct application would be the Land alteration without construction Permit. If the land alteration is in conjunction with a building permit, this permit can be obtained in HillsGovHub by indicating that there will be land alteration when applying
  • Within 15 business days after we receive the application, a staff member will come out to inspect the tree(s) you wish to remove. From the receipt of the application it can take up to 3.5 weeks before you are notified of the results
  • Tree removal permits are valid for a two-year period from the date we issue them, unless otherwise specified on the permit
  • If the property is within the boundaries of the cities of Plant City, Tampa, or Temple Terrace, you will need to contact them about tree removal permits

How to

  1. For residential properties, consult our Residential Tree Removal Guide to determine whether a permit is needed.
  2. Apply through the HillsGovHub portal


Get help

Phone: (813) 272-5600

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