Neighborhood associations can apply to conduct cleanup projects in their community

The Community Clean-Up Program aims to engage residents in the upkeep of their community, preserve property values within neighborhoods, and reduce factors that contribute to crime.

We invite neighborhood leaders to propose projects that will beautify their area and provide residents an opportunity to dispose of large household items not eligible for normal trash pick-up. Residents must provide the labor as an in-kind contribution to proposed projects.


  • Your neighborhood is required to register with our Office of Neighborhood Relations. Visit the page to register.
  • For-profit service providers and local government entitles are not eligible
  • We will not approve pond clean-up applications
  • The program is designated for Neighborhoods and Homeowner Associations located in the unincorporated Hillsborough County
  • Applications must identify a specific area for the roll-off dumpsters
  • A minimum of 10 volunteers are required

Cleanup program information

  • We accept applications year-round
  • Clean ups are awarded based on the fiscal year budget: October 1 – September 31 of the following year
  • We will consider only one application per association per fiscal year
  • We will award a maximum of 5 roll-off dumpsters per application
  • The containers are strictly for homeowners
  • Commercial services or sub-contractors can't dump any items

What we will accept

Refrigerators, ovens, electronics, water heaters, steel, and other metals, old furniture (such as couches, chairs, tables, and mattresses), construction debris from minor construction only (such as concrete, bricks, glass, and roofing materials), and tires.

What we can't accept:

  • Items normally picked upon regular trash days
  • Waste from commercial activity
  • Hazardous waste such as:
    • Paint
    • Household chemicals
    • Batteries
    • Propane tanks

Additional information

For further help with the program guidelines, contact Toni Bailey at (813) 663-3265.

How to

  1. You can apply online (recommended) or via email
  2. Read each question carefully and respond in the space provided
  3. Allow at least 30 days between submission of your application and the date of your planned neighborhood cleanup

Reviewing the application and scheduling

  • We will review the application and contact you with our decision
  • We can only schedule one community cleanup per date
  • If there is another community already scheduled for the date you requested, we will work with you to find an alternate date
  • We will order the roll-off containers and make the arrangements for the drop off and pick up of containers
  • If you receive an invoice:

Get help

Phone: (813) 272-5680

Image Caption: A Hillsborough County heavy duty truck picks up garbage during a community cleanup project
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