Gain many important benefits by registering your Neighborhood Organization with us

You can gain many important benefits by registering your Neighborhood Organization or Civic Association with us, including eligibility for County grants.

Registration also means that, in certain situations, applicants for zoning issues for properties that are within a 1 mile radius of your organization's area must provide notice to you. The Office of Neighborhood Relations (ONR) maintains an extensive database of neighborhood associations.

If you have already registered your association with us, but need to change, add or delete anything, you can also do that with this form.


All neighborhood groups and associations within Hillsborough County, including the cities of Tampa, Temple Terrace and Plant City.

Your organization must meet the following requirements:

  • Be an organization made up of residents within a defined geographic area
  • Establish membership by virtue of ownership or occupancy in the defined area
  • Maintain officers or representatives, and demonstrate the method by which such officers or representatives are selected
  • Demonstrate the method(s) by which the officers or representatives are authorized to act on behalf of the organization
  • Have a means to appoint a contact person
  • Be an organization which represents the geographic area of the no less than 50 households
    • The organization must actually represent 50 percent of those households, or no less than 25 households
  • To register as a Civic Association, the association must:
    • Be chartered, areawide, with dues-paying members, in order to receive courtesy notice of applications within their area
    • Submit a copy of its charter with the application
    • Just being on the Registry and receiving notice of a land use application will not qualify the association as a party of record
    • To become a party of record, the Civic Association must submit written comments or comment in person at the Zoning Hearing Master Hearing


  • Provides neighborhood groups with a greater opportunity to participate in the decisions which affect their residents
  • You will receive notices from zoning applicants for the following that would affect your neighborhood, such as:
    • Requests for rezoning
    • Minor modifications to existing planned development zoning districts and special use permits
    • Major modifications to existing planned development zoning districts and special use permits
    • Special use permit requests for activities, such as liquor stores, solid waste facilities, etc.
  • Give members of your organization an opportunity to consider proposed developments and determine if you wish to comment on them

How to register or update information

  • Fill out the form online
    • For new registrations choose Neighborhood Roster Application at the bottom of the page
    • To update information for associations already registered click on your neighborhood association in the map and then click the link in the pop-up

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