Report suspected code violations to the County

When you report a code violation you're helping to ensure that everyone follows the property maintenance and land development codes. This maintains or improves the health, safety and welfare for our residents and visitors.

Things to consider

There are many violations you can select on the form, including:

  • Locksmith concerns
  • Towing overcharges and trespass
  • Private property concerns (choose from the following subcategories)
    • Abandoned property
    • Condemned or dangerous structures
    • Construction code or unpermitted construction
    • Fence maintenance
    • Foreclosure registration
    • Housing standards, such as mold, A/C, heating, etc.
    • Junk, trash, or debris
    • Overgrown conditions
    • Unsafe or unclean swimming pools
    • Watering violations
    • Zoning concerns

How to report a violation

  1. Write or record the “who, what, where, when and how” of suspected violations
  2. Submit the violation using our online form
    • Select the category that applies to what you wish to report. If you do not see a matching category, choose "Other Code Violations"
    • Select a subcategory, if applicable


Get help

Phone: (813) 274-6600

Last Modified: 2/6/2024, 9:09:39 PM

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