If you think a towing company is overcharging you or has illegally towed your vehicle, you can file a complaint

Most complaints about towing companies involve vehicles that were towed from private property without the vehicle owner's consent, also known as a trespass tow. Hillsborough County has rules intended to protect motorists and regulate towing services.

Things to know

  • Towing services need permission to tow from private property, and must post signs, with telephone numbers, saying that trespassing vehicles will be removed
  • Even if a vehicle already is connected to a tow truck, the truck operator must release the vehicle to its owner for no more than half of the towing rate
  • Towing services can only charge rates approved by Hillsborough County
  • Vehicle owners may retrieve personal property from their vehicle, regardless of whether payment for the tow has been made

How to report

  1. Gather the following information:
    • Towing company name
    • Timeframe in which your vehicle was towed
    • Location from where the vehicle was towed
    • Copy of the towing invoice (if available)
    • Any other information to assist Code in responding to your Case
  2. Submit it online
    • Choose "Towing" as the category
    • Select the applicable subcategory

Get help

Phone: (813) 274-6600

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