This is a guide for permit submissions for all new commercial interior finish construction projects

Following these guidelines will help ensure the application, plans and supporting documentation are complete and sufficient for permit submittal which will ensure a timely review and response.

General intake requirements

  • Apply online at HillsGovHub
  • Recorded certified copy of Notice of Commencement in accordance with Florida Statutes 713.13 (required prior to the first inspection).
  • If using a Private Provider, provide all required documents per Private Provider Instructions
  • Plans shall be digitally signed and sealed by a State of Florida Registered Architect or Engineer; to include the design professionals name, registration number, complete address and phone number
  • Impact and Mobility Fees are assessed on all projects that create new development or remodeling of an existing structure if there will be an increase in useable area. Impact fees must be paid prior to Certificate of Occupancy.

Required documents

  • Shell permit number
    • If the Certificate of Completion has not been issued on the shell building and the Interior Finish contractor is different, an authorization letter from the shell contractor is required
  • Florida Energy Efficiency Forms: If mechanical equipment is being retrofitted, provide a digital set of form 506 if applicable, digitally signed and sealed
  • Key plan- A map of the site showing:
    • Surrounding streets
    • Access to the site from the surrounding streets such as driveway(s)
    • If a commercial suite is involved,
      • the position of the building in need of the permit relative to others on the lot
      • the orientation of the building’s front door
      • the location of the suite relative to its neighboring tenants along with either their individual addresses or suite numbers
  • Restaurants are required to provide a digital copy of plans approved by Department of Business and Professional Regulation Division of Hotel and Restaurants prior to permit issuance
  • Site review may be required if utility fixtures are added. Please contact Site Development staff at SitePlanAdminTasks@HCFL.Gov.

Additional resources

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