A guide for all commercial accessory structure construction projects

Following these guidelines will help ensure the application, plans and supporting documentation are complete and sufficient for permit submittal which will ensure a timely review and response.

General intake requirements

Site plan requirements           

Provide the approved Site Development Construction Plan Review and the approved letter in accordance with the Hillsborough County Development Review Procedures Manual Section

Building plan review requirements

  • Building plans designed in accordance with the current Florida Building Code (FBC) and digitally signed and sealed by a State of Florida Registered Architect or Engineer; to include the design professionals name, registration number, complete address and phone number

Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA)

All properties located within the SFHA shall have full compliance with the requirements of the Hillsborough County Construction and Land Development Code, ASCE 24, the Florida Building Code and all other applicable local, State and Federal regulations that govern the standards set forth within the National Flood Insurance Program; most restrictive shall apply. 

For a complete and detailed technical guide please view the sufficiency guideline for all construction located within the SFHA.

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