Apply for rezoning to create a unified, large scale, mixed use Planned Development (PD) district

PD districts are intended to encourage creative, innovative, and/or mixed use development, and to ensure and promote land use compatibility and harmony for land that is to be planned and developed as a whole in a single development operation or a programmed series of development phases.

Please note, you must have a pre-submittal conference before you can apply for PD rezoning.


Things to consider

  • You need to meet all requirements listed on the submittal checklist
  • A Sufficiency Review Meeting will be required after application submittal
  • A public hearing with the Zoning Hearing Master and a public meeting before the Board of County Commissioners is required after the application is submitted

How to

  • Complete the application.
  • Once payment is received, you will receive your required letter of notice, HOA mailing list and instructions about how to proceed with mailing your notice. Mailing deadlines and delivery of electronic delivery of proof of mailing will also be provided.

What's next

15 business days after the hearing, the Department will receive the Zoning Hearing Master's recommendation. You will also receive the recommendation by email within a few days.


Get Help

Phone: (813) 277-1630

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