If you are not the appellant but would like to become a party to an appeal of an administrative decision to the Land Use Hearing Officer (LUHO), you may apply to be an Intervener


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Things to consider

  • Please note that all applications must be filed within 20 calendar days of when the Notice of Appeal was filed by the appellant.
  • In order to be an intervener, you must have “standing.” The requirements for having standing to appeal an administrative decision are found in LDC Section 10.05.01.
  • You must submit a fully completed application by the deadline to preserve your intervener rights. If you fail to submit a fully completed application by the deadline, your intervener rights will be lost.

How to

What's next

  • A hearing date will be set before the Land Use Hearing Officer (LUHO). 
    • Meetings are held at the  in the 2nd floor boardroom
    • See calendar for LUHO meeting dates
  • After the hearing, the LUHO shall render a decision within 5 business days
  • View the application instructions for full process details

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