Designed to educate families on fire prevention and fire safety

Is your child or teen involved with fireplay or exhibiting firesetting behaviors? Then our Youth Fire Diversion Program could benefit them and your entire family.

Help when you need it

The intervention program is designed to educate families on fire prevention and fire safety, and to aid in breaking the chain of firesetting. If your child is referred through Juvenile Justice, they must meet the following qualifications:

  • Age 5 through 15
  • First-time offenders

Program meetings

The program consists of two meetings with the Youth Fire Diversion Program Coordinator:

First meeting

  • Parents are required to attend the first meeting without their child
  • We will teach parents about fire prevention
  • We let parents know about the agencies available in the county so they can get additional help if their children should require it

Second meeting

  • Children and parents attend
  • Siblings who are five or older are encouraged to attend this meeting
  • We present a fire safety program for the children, with an emphasis on matches and lighter safety

Children under 5-years-old

Some preschool children under that age of five are involved in fireplay. Even though our youth intervention program is not for those younger than five, the program is recommended to their parents for the purpose of educating them in fire safety practices, and for ways to eliminate access to matches and lighters for their children. The program is strictly educational and is not meant to replace professional counseling. Parents are advised of agencies that can meet those needs during the initial class.


For further information, or to register your child, email us or call (813) 272-6600.

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