Let Yellow Dot speak when you can’t

Hillsborough County's Yellow Dot program gives you a voice when you are seriously injured following a traffic crash. The Yellow Dot sticker you display on your rear driver's side window alerts first responders to valuable health care information located in your glove compartment. This information helps in decisions made about your treatment and can potentially help save your life.

This information you provide will not be shared. It's a tool used to help first responders:

  • Identify who you are
  • Determine if you have a pre-existing medical condition that may inhibit you from communicating
  • Ensure that your current medications and pre-existing medical conditions are considered

It's easy to get the Dot:

  • Pick up your Yellow Dot sticker and medical information form at any Hillsborough County Fire Station
  • Place the Yellow Dot sticker on your rear window, and store your medical form and photo in your glove compartment

Have questions? Contact Hillsborough County Fire Rescue at (813) 272-6600 

The personal and medical information you have provided in this Yellow Dot packet is strictly voluntary. The medical information you have voluntarily provided in this Yellow Dot packet is confidential in nature.

By completing and signing this packet, you voluntarily consent and agree to the disclosure of your personal and medical information only to authorized personnel of law enforcement and public safety agencies, emergency medical services agencies, and hospitals, and to the use by such personnel of your personal and medical information solely for the purposes of positively identifying you, determining whether you have a medical condition that might impede your communication, and ensuring that your current medications and preexisting medical conditions are considered when rendering you treatment, in accordance with section 316.0271, Florida Statutes.

Neither Hillsborough County, nor any of its employees or agents, shall incur any liability for their reliance on the information you provide or fail to provide in this packet. By voluntarily participating in Hillsborough County's Yellow Dot Program, you hereby, to the full extent allowed under applicable law, release, acquit, and forever discharge Hillsborough County, the Board of County Commissioners of Hillsborough County, and current and former officials, employees, and other agents of Hillsborough County, from any and all actions, causes of action, claims, demands, lawsuits, damages, costs, expenses, and compensation, which are now known, or may hereafter become known, on account of, or arising out of, any injury, condition, matter, or thing which happens, develops, or occurs as a result of your voluntary participation in Hillsborough County's Yellow Dot program or your inclusion or exclusion of personal or medical information in this packet.

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