Add, modify, or remove an AED registration on the database

Hillsborough County Fire Rescue (HCFR) is an active participant in the automatic external defibrillators (AED) registry database program. When you register your AED, we will add its location to a database allowing 911 dispatchers to notify callers reporting a sudden cardiac arrest that an AED is located nearby.

Here you can add, modify or remove an AED registration. In the event that you move, replace or discontinue your AED, you are required to send that information so the 911 center can update what it has on file.


Registration is free.


Registration allows 9-1-1 dispatchers to identify that an AED is in the area and provide instructions to lay rescuers or bystanders when time is critical. It is easy to register and can save lives.

Things to consider

  • A person can suffer from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), a condition in which the heart unexpectedly stops beating
  • SCA can happen anywhere and at anytime to anyone regardless of age
  • SCA will likely result in death if not treated within three to five minutes
  • An AED can help save the life of a person suffering from SCA
  • AED's are designed so that lay rescuers and bystanders can use them in an emergency
  • They are programmed to deliver an electric shock if they detect a dangerous arrhythmia
    • The electric shock can restore a normal rhythm to a heart that has stopped beating, but only if provided quickly
    • With every minute that passes, the chances of survival drop rapidly
  • Portable AED devices are often found in:
    • Shopping malls
    • Small businesses
    • Airports
    • Golf courses
    • Fitness centers
    • Churches
    • Other places of public gathering

How to

  1. Register online
  2. Fill out the form
  3. Submit

What's Next

We will add your AED information to our registry database.

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