Important tips regarding visit requests

Engine visit information

Our fire apparatus are available for up to 45 minutes at your school; however, they remain in-service. If an emergency occurs within that engine’s territory, they must leave to respond. This may also affect arrival times if the engine is returning from an emergency call. Please have an alternate plan in case this should occur.

During the 45-minute visit, our firefighters will discuss different topics ranging from a “day in the life” of a firefighter, the gear they wear during a fire and/or the importance of having an escape plan in case of a fire.

Important tips regarding your request

  • Engine requests will be filled on a first-received, first-served basis.
  • Designate one main point of contact and an alternative contact. If we have any questions, these will be the individuals we would communicate with
  • If staff/faculty contact us from your school, we will have them refer any questions to their designated contacts
  • Before requesting times, consider your school’s dismissal time

Reminder: Monday - Wednesday and Friday during the week of the teach-in are available to request

Requests are closed for 2023 and will reopen in August 2024.


If you have any questions, please email our team at

Last Modified: 12/21/2023, 3:05:52 PM

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