Schools, nonprofits, clubs, and other groups can plan a field trip to a conservation parks or nature preserves site

Field trips may be planned to Conservation Parks and Nature Preserves sites by schools, nonprofits, clubs, and other groups. These field trips can include picnics, interpretive programs, playground use, hiking, canoeing and kayaking, and more.


Entrance fees to conservation parks are required and based upon the number of guests and vehicles.

  • $2 per car (up to eight people) entry fee
  • For vehicles with more than 8 people it is $1 per person over 8

Using shelters, the open field, canoes, kayaks, requesting interpretive programs, or other activities may include fees additional to the entrance fee.

Things to consider

  • You must submit applications for field trips at least 30 days in advance, and not more than 365 days in advance
  • We will determine fees (if any) such as entrance fees, rental fees, etc. for field trips after you have submitted the application
  • Examples of field trip types:​
    • Field trip self guided
    • Field trip ranger/staff guided
    • Picnic/party
    • Play day/field day
    • Nature study
  • Your group is responsible for cleaning all areas used for event. Upon completion of the event, the facility must be clean and free of any obstruction or litter and return to its original set-up prior to the event. All trash generated must be bagged and placed in trashcans or dumpsters. If property is not left in the condition received, an hourly staffing fee may be charged.
  • We may require a commercial general liability insurance policy and a general aggregate, naming Hillsborough County BOCC as additional insured. Based on the type of event Hillsborough County Safety & Risk Management Department will determine the amount of insurance needed, if any.

How to apply

Fill out the field trip application form online

What happens next

A member of our staff will contact you about details for your field trip.

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