The applicant must designate their temporary construction water source for each new Service Request

The applicant must designate their temporary construction water source for each new Service Request (SR#) or Project ID within the Utility Service Area.

  1. New SR#/Project ID participating in the Flat Rate Construction Backflow Assembly Program for uses, as allowed by State rule.
    1. Water Resources has provided a technical drawing for the temporary construction backflow assembly, see Exhibit No. W-1F
    2. Engineer of Record (EOR) will provide the following information to Development Services/Site Engineering Review.
      1. Construction plans with construction backflow point of connection
      2. Size of backflow assembly to be installed (e.g. 6-inch or 8-inch)
      3. Number of lots in the subdivision
      4. The Applicant will pay the Water Resources a one-time charge for the temporary construction assembly water use based on $28 per lot, to be used for those activities as allowed by the State.
  2. Once the Development Services Department notifies the applicant/Engineer of Record that construction plans for the project are approved:
    1. The Temporary water charges will be applied to the Water Resources fee pack for the project in addition to the 1/6th AGRF payment.
    2. This fee will be due, to Water Resources, to pick up your construction plans.
    3. Payment directions will be included in your fee pack correspondence from Water Resources.
  3. The backflow assembly cannot be put into service until it has been cleared and successfully tested. For information on scheduling an inspection for your backflow assembly visit the Schedule an Inspection page
  4. Once the Department of Health and BOCC acceptance are received for the new potable water infrastructure:
    1. Engineer of Record (EOR)/Developer will remove the backflow assembly
  5. The Engineer of Record, for the Development, shall submit with their final acceptance package for the SR#/Project ID and a letter certifying that the backflow assembly was properly removed.
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