Contact our Consumer Protection division to file a fraud report

Have you been the victim of identify theft, an internet scam, unethical foreclosure or predatory lending? Consumer Protection can help you figure out your next steps.

How to

  1. Gather all available information on the company or individual, including:
    • Company details
    • Company representative names
    • Method(s) of contact
    • Dates and times of contact
    • Monetary amounts requested
    • Other supporting documents
  2. Contact Consumer Protection by calling (813) 635-8316 

What's next

  • We monitor our phone from 8 AM to 5 PM, and will return your call within one business day if you cannot reach one of our staff
  • You can also call or visit one of our Consumer Protection offices for more information

Get help

Department: Consumer Protection Services
Phone: (813) 635-8316

Last Modified: 1/18/2024, 7:18:02 PM

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