If you have received an Animal Control-related citation, this information will help you understand how to pay related fines.

View regulated ordinances and related fees and learn how to pay fines for violations of Hillsborough County’s Animal Control ordinance.


Violations of Chapter 6, Article II [ANIMAL CONTROL] of the Hillsborough County Code of Ordinances may result in maximum fines of $500 per animal per infraction, plus court fees. Fine amounts increase for subsequent offenses and may require a mandatory court appearance.

If the person cited fails to pay the civil penalty by the date of the hearing that appears on the citation, or fails to appear in court to contest the citation, the person cited shall be deemed to have waived his/her rights to contest the citation and a judgment may be entered against the person cited in an amount up to the maximum civil penalty. In addition, an order to show cause may be issued against the person cited, compelling his/her attendance before a court to explain the failure to take action on the citation.

Ordinances Animal Control enforces

  • Section 6-21 (First offense only) - Rabies Vaccination Requirement*
  • Section 6-22 (First offense only) - Registration and License Tags*
  • Section 6-23 - Quarantine Violations
  • Section 6-24 - Display of Tags
  • Section 6-25b - Animal Baiting
  • Section 6-25c - Improper Confinement
  • Section 6-25d - Improper Disposal
  • Section 6-26 - Cruelty to Animals**
  • Section 6-27a (First offense only) - Vicious Animal**
    • Vicious animal fines may be reduced to $25 per animal, plus court costs, if, prior to the hearing date, satisfactory proof is provided for each of the following:
      • Current obedience training
      • Current health certificate from a veterinarian
      • Proof of spay/neuter and microchip
      • View an educational video provided by the department
  • Section 6-27b - Dangerous Dogs
  • Section 6-28 - Animals at Large
  • Section 6-29 - Striking or Interfering with a Service Animal
  • Section 6-30 - Interference with an Animal Control Officer
  • Section 6-31 - Female in Heat
  • Section 6-32 - Animal Waste
  • Section 6-33** - Tethering
  • Section 6-34 - Contagious Diseases
  • Section 6-38 - Violation Restrictions on Use of Guard Dog
  • Section 6-49 - Animals in Vehicles
  • Section 6-53 - Refusal to Accept Citation

*First-time offenders for sections 6-21 and 6-22 may obtain vaccinations and/or registration and license tags within a 15-day period and present the proof by emailing animalcourt@hcfl.gov to resolve the citation without being required to pay the fine amount or appear in court.

**Second offenses for sections 6-26, 6-27a, and 6-33 result in a mandatory court appearance.

Note: Violation of sections 6-25 (Animal Baiting) and 6-27b (Dangerous Dogs) require a mandatory court appearance.

How to pay

  • Follow the directions on the back of the citation for submitting payment in-person or by mail within 30 consecutive days from citation date to:
    Hillsborough County Clerk of Courts
    801 E Twiggs St., Room #101
    Tampa, FL 33602
  • Payment must be made by cashier’s check, money order, or personal check and include the citation number. Defendant’s name and address must be imprinted by bank on personal checks. Payments should be made payable to Clerk of Circuit Court. Call Clerk of the Circuit Court at (813) 276-8100 with questions.
  • If applicable, go to court as indicated on the citation. Be sure to bring the citation with you to court. View information on Tampa Court hearings, including a map, dress code, prohibited items, and ADA contact information.


Get help

Department: Code Enforcement
Email: AnimalControl@HCFL.gov
Phone: (813) 744-5660

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