Sign up to speak at the LDC Meeting

To sign up to speak, please fill out the online LDC Meeting Signup Form. Provisions to submit written comments is provided for below. The Chair will call on speakers by name. Prioritization is on a first-come first-served basis.

Sign-up form schedule:

  • Opens: After agenda is released - at least 48 hours prior to the start of each meeting
  • Closes: 30-minutes prior to the start of each meeting

What does it mean if the meeting format says hybrid?

The hybrid format allows for a quorum of the board members to meet in-person at a physical location, but all others, including the rest of the board, staff and general public, participate virtually.

Information for public comments

  • Up to three minutes are allowed for each speaker
  • All audiovisual presentations such as Power Points, digital photos, audio, and video files for Public comments are not accepted at this time for virtual meetings. Please refer back to this page for future updates.
  • Presentations may be submitted to the Clerk’s Office for insertion into the official record. Please mail any submissions to:

I want to speak at the LDC Meeting

I want to submit a written public comment (I do NOT want to speak)

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