Guide for all residential pool construction projects

Following these guidelines will help ensure the application, plans and supporting documentation are complete and sufficient for permit submittal which will ensure a timely review and response.

General intake requirements

Site plan requirements           

Provide a site plan drawn to scale. Site plan must include:

  • The location of the proposed scope of work and all existing structures on the parcel
  • Property boundaries with lot dimensions
  • Provide the front, side, and rear yard setbacks (dimensions) from the proposed structure to the property boundary lines.
  • The site plan must also identify all easements, conservation, and/or wetlands areas and setbacks.
  • Site plan must indicate: “No trees will be removed in order to construct the proposed improvements on the property. Any tree within an environmentally sensitive area, or any tree 12” or greater in trunk diameter 4.5’ above the ground surface have been removed unless an exempt species as defined in Land Development Code Article 12.01, Definitions.”
    • Trees that are 12” or greater in trunk diameter will require a permit to be removed. All trees being removed must be indicated in HillsGovHub under Tree Removal. The requirement shall include any tree species type, location of tree, number of trees, and trunk diameter

Building plan review requirements

  • Building plans designed in accordance with the current Florida Building Code (FBC) and digitally signed and sealed by a State of Florida Registered Architect or Engineer; to include the design professionals name, registration number, complete address and phone number
  • Plans must be designed in accordance with the current Florida Building Code for Private Swimming Pools
  • Provide a site-specific Pool layout plan that indicates pool configuration and dimensions

Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA)

  • Plans must have the following statement from the engineer: “The pool has been designed to withstand all flood-related loads and load combinations, per Section 9.6, ASCE 24-14”
  • Pools located within the CHHA or CAZ must be designed and constructed per ASCE 24-14
  • Buildings and structures located in whole or in part in identified floodways shall be designed and constructed in accordance with ASCE 24-14 and all applicable code requirements

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