A guide for all residential backup generator projects

Following these guidelines will help ensure the application, plans and supporting documentation are complete and sufficient for permit submittal which will ensure a timely review and response.

General requirements.

  • A Florida EC or ER licensed contractor can apply for a residential electrical trade permit on HillsGovHub
  • Two inspections are required; electrical rough in and electrical final.
  • Notice of Commencement: A recorded certified copy of Notice of Commencement in accordance with Florida Statutes 713.13 is required to be submitted prior to the first inspection. 
  • Provide a digitally signed and sealed site plan prepared by a Florida Licensed Surveyor and Mapper or a digitally signed and sealed site plan prepared by a design professional. For an electrical contractor signed site plan follow instructions below to determine permissible generator locations.
  • Verify that the proposed project will not encroach into an easement, wetland, or wetland setback. This information must be depicted on the site plan. 
  • Determine the applicable flood zone using GIS or FEMA Flood Map Service Center. If the proposed project will be located within a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA); the site plan must indicate the minimum required design flood elevation and referenced to NAVD1988.

Preparing for field inspections

  • Provide a site plan signed by the contractor, or design professional signed and sealed plan, indicating site setback dimensions and conformance.
  • Provide a contractor or design professional signed and sealed load calculation for units rated less than the residence main service rating.
  • Provide all installation manuals and documents that include manufacturer clearance requirements.
  • Provide evidence and location of “load shed units” where provided.
  • Provide evidence of a fuel gas permit or indicate gas by other.
  • Upon approval of your rough in inspection you may schedule your final electrical inspection.

Additional resources

For Building and Construction Services assistance, contact Permitting@HCFL.gov

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