Information for property owners who wish to act as their own contractor

Florida State Statute 489 requires construction and permits for the construction, to be preformed by a properly licensed contractor. The statute provides for specific exemptions to the licensing law. 

One of the exemptions provides for the property owner to obtain a building permit, when acting as their own contractor and providing direct supervision themselves of all work not performed by a licensed contractor.

Exemption qualifications

State Statute 489.103(7) provides the requirements that an owner must meet to qualify for the exemption in order to obtain a permit. Among these are: 

  • The property must be deeded in the property owner’s name. If the property owner is a LLC, Corporation, Partnership, etc, a properly licensed contractor must obtain the permit. 
  • If the property is owned by a trust, the property may be eligible for owner/builder with review by staff
  • The property must be for the exclusive use of the owner. The property cannot be offered for sale, lease or rent for a period of one (1) year after the completion of the project. 
  • The owner must complete, sign and upload the Owner Builder Disclosure Statement to HillsGovHub
  • All permit types may be obtained by the owner
  • For work involving a single family residence, there is no monetary limit
  • For a commercial building the project cost may not exceed $75,000
  • If required by State Statute 713, a Notice of Commencement must be filed, even if the permit is issued to the owner

Florida State Statutes

For additional information or for the complete text, view the Florida State Statutes.

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