Hillsborough County's fourth incorporated city from 1925 into the 1930's

Hillsborough County is full of inspiring, iconic, and interesting places, and there are remarkable people behind them. In this occasional series we explore namesakes of some of the county's well-known communities, buildings, parks, and roads.

Who was Wimauma?

Three people, actually. The community's name is comprised of the first letters of founder C.H. Davis' daughters: Wilma, Maude, and Mary. Capt. Davis built a railroad between Turkey Creek and Bradenton, and in 1902 established a settlement at the railway's midpoint. That community, Wimauma, was the County's fourth incorporated city from 1925 until the 1930s, when the local government ceased to exist.

Why name a community for them?

Capt. Davis' precise explanation for naming the community for his daughters may be lost to history. In the early days of Florida's robust expansion, it was common to name roads, physical features such as lakes and rivers, and even communities for family members, acquaintances, and familiar places "back home."

About Wimauma

The community is east of Sun City Center and south of Balm. State Road 674 bisects Wimauma, and is dotted with taquerias, groceries, and family-owned businesses. Lake Wimauma and the nearby Little Manatee River State Park are landmarks.

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