Ed Radice wanted Parks & Recreation employees to serve as role models

Hillsborough County is full of inspiring, iconic, and interesting places, and there are remarkable people behind them. In this occasional series we explore namesakes of some of the county's well-known buildings, schools, parks, and roads.

Who was Ed Radice?

Radice, 1936-2015, was Hillsborough County's director of Parks & Recreation for 28 years. During his lengthy tenure, the number of County recreation centers grew from 11 to more than 40. He made a point of visiting the centers, and speaking with employees who worked with children. He encouraged them to serve as role models for their young charges.

Why name a sports complex for him?

Radice's accomplishments, longevity in the director's position, and passion for youth sports cemented his legacy of leadership. He was so admired, Hillsborough County's Board of County Commissioners set aside its usual policy of not naming a facility for a living person, in this case. The Ed Radice Sports Complex was completed in 2001. Its namesake and his family were on hand for the opening ceremony.

About Ed Radice Sports Complex

The 138-acre facility is at 14720 Ed Radice Drive, west of Citrus Park. It's one of the busiest sports complexes in Hillsborough County. There are nine soccer fields, five baseball diamonds, five softball fields, and accommodations for football and cross country. The Tampa Bay Sports Commission describes it as the County's premier multisport facility.

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