Water conservation rebates offered by the regional Tampa Bay Water Wise program

Hillsborough County Public Utilities residential and non-residential customers who purchase or implement new water saving devices and measures may be eligible for water conservation rebates offered by the regional Tampa Bay Water Wise program.

Eleven rebates are available for plumbing fixtures, irrigation devices, food service equipment, and more. Tampa Bay Water Wise offers rebates on high water-use items in order to achieve the highest possible water savings.

Residential rebates

  • High Efficiency Toilet Retrofit
  • Smart Irrigation Controllers
  • Shallow Wells for Outdoor Irrigation
  • Multi-Family High Efficiency Toilet Retrofit
  • Florida Water StarĀ 

Non-residential rebates

  • Multi-Family High Efficiency Toilet Retrofit
  • Cooling Towers (COC)
  • Non-Residential Commercial Dishwasher
  • Non-Residential Pre-Rinse Spray Valve
  • Non-Residential Tank-Type Toilet
  • Non-Residential Half-Gallon Urinal
  • Non-Residential Flush Valve Toilet
  • Customizable Rebate (up to $40,000)

Find rebate details, criteria, applications, and more on the Tampa Bay Water Wise page or call (888) 491-0033 for assistance.

Additional Financial Incentive Programs for Water Conservation:

  • Water Incentives Supporting Efficiency (WISE) - (up to $20,000) a cost-share reimbursement program for water conservation projects that improve water use efficiency and help protect the region's water resources. This program is offered through the Southwest Florida Water Management Disrict.
  • Florida Water Star - (up to $1,000 rebate per home) voluntary certification program for new residential and commercial construction and existing home renovation

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