File a complaint against an owner for nuisance animal noise


The nuisance animal noise ordinance allows you to file a complaint against an animal owner, or any person having temporary custody of animals, who allows the animal(s) to bark, meow, whine, or howl continuously for a period of 20 minutes or longer with less than 20 seconds of interruption during that 20-minute time period.

Things to consider

  • This ordinance does not apply to to animal shelters, commercial boarding kennels or properties that are zoned for agricultural purposes
  • You must have affidavits from two unrelated people at different locations within 1,000 feet of the noise source
  • If there is only one person able to report, the affidavit must be accompanied by a non-stop, unedited time-stamped recording of the sound from a single incident
  • All affidavits must be notarized
  • Anyone submitting an affidavit is required to appear in court
  • The complaint cannot be filed anonymously

How to

  1. Download the affidavit
  2. Fill it out and get it notarized
  3. If only one affidavit, create a copy of the recording of the incident
  4. Submit all information either by mail or in-person to Animal Control at 2709 E Hanna Ave Tampa, FL 33610

Get help

Department: Code Enforcement - Animal Control


Phone: (813) 744-5660

Last Modified: 8/14/2023, 3:12:18 PM

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