Top 5 tips to protect your pet in unforeseen emergencies

Taking precautions for your pets in the event of a disaster doesn't have to be difficult. It can be easily done in the comfort of your home. These key pointers from the Pet Resource Center will help you care for your pets before an emergency arises.

Top five most important tips

  1. Make sure that your pet's County registration tag is up-to-date. If it is expired or lost, bring the rabies certificate to the  and get a replacement. After updating your pet's tag, take a trip to your vet to update all vaccinations, and get a microchip and extra medications.
  2. Create a disaster kit and I.D. packet for your pet. The kit should include a seven-day supply of food and water per pet, waste disposal items, pet medication, and comfort items like their favorite toys and blankets. Your pet's waterproof I.D. packet needs to contain your contact information and family veterinarian information, the microchip and County pet registration tag numbers, and any information regarding medical needs.
  3. Arrange a safe and comfortable place to stay with your pet during an unforeseen crisis, like a family member's or friend's house, or a pet-friendly hotel. Create a list of veterinarians and/or boarding facilities you would feel comfortable leaving your pet with during an emergency. This allows you to have several locations for your pets to go to if you have to leave your home in a hurry. Be sure they are on your evacuation route, but NOT in a flood zone.
  4. Get a cage or carrier that's easy to transport and large enough for your pet to stand up and move around in.
  5. Public pet-friendly shelters are available in Hillsborough County, but they should be used ONLY as a last resort. Learn here about what to expect at these local shelters.

Be a good best friend, and prepare your pets for any natural disaster.

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