Process of submitting forms for capital funding for outside agencies

In recognition of the need to ensure that county residents are well-served through effective use and administration of County funds, the Board has established and adopted a uniform procedure for submission, review and approval of capital funding requests from applicable outside agencies and for administration of such funding, if approved by the Board.

These procedures are applicable whenever any request for capital funding from outside, non-County, non-governmental agencies are made to the County. Applicable agencies include but are not be limited to private, not-for-profit corporations.

This policy does not apply to projects funded by Tourist Development taxes, economic development projects outlined in this Florida Statute, or projects that are governed by other applicable Board Policies or Agreements.

Prior to Board consideration, any applicable request for capital funding must be accompanied by appropriate documents in order to provide the Board specific information regarding the request and assurance of the public purpose of the request.

To make a request, submit the following documents:

Send completed requests to:

Hillsborough County
Department of Management and Budget
Attn: Kevin Brickey
P. O. Box 1110
Tampa, FL 33601-1110

Last Modified: 1/23/2024, 8:47:30 PM

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