We have the perfect climate for this sweet, juicy crop

Harvest: Watermelons 

Learn all about the watermelons grown in Hillsborough County.

When are fresh Hillsborough County watermelons available at local groceries and farm stands?

The harvest of this refreshing summertime favorite begins in April and continues into July. A second season takes place in the fall, with a smaller yield.

What type of watermelons are grown commercially here?

Sensation, Joy Ride, Excalibur, Fascination, and Exclamation

Where are watermelons most commonly grown in Hillsborough County?

East and South County

How many acres are planted with watermelons?

About 1,000 acres

How many pounds of watermelons are harvested?

More than 30 million pounds

Fun fact

Florida grows more watermelons than any other state. Watermelons love sun and heat, and exposure to both tends to make the fruit sweeter. They do well in residents' yards as well as in farmers' fields.

Local insight

Hillsborough County watermelon crops are mostly seedless "personal" midsized watermelons.

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