Use the ASI provider website to look up claims status and eligibility

Billing information portal

The ASI provider website, where you can look up claims status and eligibility, is our current third-party claims administrator.

ASI is wholly owned by American Benefits Plan Administrator (ABPA) and includes other plans as well, which is why you will see the ABPA home page.

Login to the ASI Provider Website

Obtaining a login and password

  • Obtain your login and password online
  • If you submit claims thorough a Management Services Organization (MSO), you will need to obtain access from your MSO
    • Your MSO must be or will need to be set up as account administrator
    • As the administrator they can give you access if you are contracted with them
  • If you submit claims directly to the ASI claims clearing house, Emdeon, or you are an MSO, you can obtain your own login
  • Select Provider Login
    • First time users will be prompted to register now
    • Enter your Tax Identification Number (TIN), a member ID, and claim number

Additional assistance

MSOs, or other providers who need to be set up as the account administrator, should call Cyndi Wilson at (813) 666-6908.

Last Modified: 9/21/2023, 1:24:32 PM

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